Store love today.

Share it tomorrow.

Footprint is a mobile application that allows families to store and share important information for their children and give it to them later as a gift.

Digital storage for families
Footprint Footprint Digital storage for families

How it works.

Think of Footprint as a digital safety deposit box full of feelings or the new rite of passage into adulthood.


Start a Footprint account for your child.


Invite members to join the account.


Store and share photos, videos, messages, and important information for your child.


When you decide, give your child their Footprint account as a gift.


They become the owners of the content, and inherit their own digital identity. 

Here are a few of the benefits of using Footprint.

Transfer love, wisdom, and security to your child.

Our most basic value proposition is, “Be a better parent.” Footprint gives parents the tools to fulfill their parental duties.

All your child's important "stuff" in one place.

No more scattered media. If it’s important, throw it in the Footprint account, and know where you can always find it.

Protect your child's digital identity.

Let your child, once they’re old enough, own and control their own digital identity. “They’ll thank you later.” If you were a kid growing up today, wouldn’t you want that?

Collaborate with the whole family.

Invite family and friends to contribute to the account, stay close, and impact the development of your children.

No "Sharenting" on social media.

By 2030, 2/3 of identity fraud cases will be from parents sharing their children’s content online. Footprint lets you share what you want to share how you want to share it, safely. 

Total parental control of content and community.

Create a caring community to support you and your children. Footprint gives parents the power to add or remove members and content as they see fit.

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Digital storage for families